About Us

The Smartbuds team strives to provide intelligent and futuristic technology to people. We spread the spirit of innovation.

By providing high-quality and super easy-to-use smartwatches with built in earbuds, we are committed to bringing a lifestyle to our customers where they focus more on enjoying life itself, and not the hassles of carrying earbuds around.

Always Pursuing Innovation

Our culture? Innovation. We share the same pursuit of perfection, constantly improving, and creating with people who love futuristic technology.

The Smartbuds team has always been fearless in testing and verifying new ideas. We aim to provide the best products in the industry.

Change People’s Lives with Technology

We aim to combine simplicity with technology, that's why we are always thinking one step ahead on how to make your life easier. 

We believe technology is a tool to reach our purposes and make ideas into reality. Right now we only have one product, but our team is always working on providing more value to our customers through new product initiatives.

Making Technology Simpler

We believe that technology can be easy to use and access, and doesn’t need to cost a fortune. We never stop exploring technology and developing new products that are affordable to everyone from all walks of life.

Smart technology is no longer fiction, but rather a part of our daily lives. Watch and Listen what Smartbuds continues to do with our ever-blossoming new ideas.

Welcome aboard!

If you have any questions you can reach 24/7 Customer Support Team via our contact form or at our support email address at: support@thesmartbuds.com